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Suddenly need to sign in every visit


In the last few days, something has changed so that I now have to sign in again every visit to Codidact. This is using the same browser on the same machine as before (Edge, Win 10) which worked fine previously. I think it was months since I had to sign in before.

Yes, I have the "remember me" box checked.

check to see if "Clear cookies on exit" is set on your browser?

That was it! Thanks, Moshi. I have no idea how that setting got changed. It was deep down in settings where I don't think I was ever before, let alone recently. Oh well. If it happens again I'll know where to look.

Why should this post be closed?


No repro, could you check to see if "Clear cookies on exit" is set on your browser? ‭Moshi‭ 10 days ago

I've infrequently had this problem too, where the site forgets about me and I have to log in again, even though "remember me" was always checked. It got nothing to do with cookies. Happens intermittently maybe once per month, on several different computers. ‭Lundin‭ 10 days ago

@Lundin that's a different issue, feel free to make another post about it. ‭Moshi‭ 9 days ago

@Moshi: Sorry about getting attribution to you wrong. When you're editing a question, you can't see the comments anymore. ‭Olin Lathrop‭ 9 days ago

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