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Tag contents don't reflect merge after 24 hours


On Judaism.Codidact, I merged two tags (parashat-vayeishev and vayeshev), each containing one question, into the parshat-vayeishev tag, which also contained one question. I didn't check, but I'm pretty sure that the three questions were distinct (i.e. it wasn't one question that was tagged with all three spelling-variants.

I completed the merges by 13:18Z yesterday, resulting immediately in the tag search tool showing the remaining tag as containing three questions.

Tag search showing the parshat-vayeishev tag containing 3 questions

However, if you visit the tag's page, even now, over 24 hours later, it shows only one question.

Tag page for the parshat-vayeishev tag, showing 1 question

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We haven't identified the cause of this bug yet. It's not caching. The posts are correctly tagged, but they aren't showing up in the tag search. One is deleted so wouldn't anyway (but I guess the count included the deleted post?). One is an article, but other articles show up in tag searches so it's not a general problem with articles.

Here are the three affected posts:

Another interesting difference: if you click on the tag from the article, it doesn't include the question that shows in your search results. They're in different categories, but that doesn't impede search results for tags normally. But after this merge, it seems to.

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"but I guess the count included the deleted post?" That's the same for all tags, not just that one. Moshi‭ 29 days ago

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