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Please make the "Insert image" tool's extension-checker case-insensitive. [closed]


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This question has been answered before. See: File extension bug when uploading pics

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Could you please make the "Insert image" tool treat file extensions as case-insensitive when checking for validity?

When I post here on Meta, I frequently insert screenshots taken from MS Windows' Snipping Tool. For whatever reason, that tool defaults to naming files it saves as Capture.PNG. As a result, I frequently have a file called either Capture.PNG or something else .PNG that I want to insert into a post here. Unfortunately, the "Insert image" tool treats these files as invalid because its list of acceptable extensions includes .png but not .PNG.

I can fix this by simply renaming the file or remembering to save it as *.png in the first place, but it's a recurring annoyance. There would be just a little less friction in posting here if the extension-validity-checker was case-insensitive.

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