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Community for 'general' questions.


Codidact has a very ambitious goal in setting up multiple communities, which all need a certain critical mass to be successful.

Why not start with a "general" community where basically all topics are allowed (but question still need to fulfill some common criteria, like being answerable and useful for others). This way there could be a organic way to find topics that are common to the codidact users and can later be split out into its own category.

E.g. someone might ask a question about bike repair and get a really good answer, which motivates them and other to post more bike related questions. Soon a community forms around the 'bike-repair' label and a threshold of 5 posts per day is reached, which then starts a discussion on whether to make 'bike-repair' its own community.

In the beginning days, with fewer users, a separate community of 'bike-repair' might questions not being seen by casual bikers, even though they might have an answer. Personally I would never subscribe myself to a "bike-repair" community, but if someone would ask me "My wheel has a hole, what should I do?" I could give a qualified answer.

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This would become Quora. No thank you. manassehkatz‭ 30 days ago

@manassehkatz On the Codidact forum you mentioned an idea similar to this, to put questions into relevant sites instead of getting rid of them entirely (it's hard to find it now with the deprecated forum but I assume you remember it). Did you change your mind or had I misunderstood you? user8078‭ 30 days ago

a) IIRC (but not searching right now) I think that was more like "general programming site" -> "move to the right language-specific site" or something of that sort, not totally generic; b) I may have changed my mind. manassehkatz‭ 30 days ago

@manassehkatz Not sure what is the problem with Quora, except for the forced log in and the huge amount of unsolicited emails. Peter‭ 30 days ago

FWIW the thread I remembered is here including your comments @manassehkatz. I at least still like the idea (even though it's apparently very unpopular right now) user8078‭ 29 days ago

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