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A "Super user" like community to include Q&As about software applications usage


We have currently several questions that do not seem to be very welcomed on Software Codidact (example).

I think that many of these questions are interesting, but they do not seem to fit within the software (programming) community. However, they will fit in a "Super User" like community dealing with the usage of software applications, not programming them.

Should we define such a community and ideally migrate all (almost) offtopic questions from Software Codidact?

Feedback to comments. I was thinking more of a community related to software applications usage more than OS tweaks, so "Software Applications Codidact" sounds well for me. This should include office applications + others or only others if we want a separate community for office applications.

Another option would be to have a broader community to encompass both system tweaks and application usage which might be named "Power User" (it sounds great IMO).

Why should this post be closed?


I'm not sure whether calling such a site 'super user' is actually all that helpful - it sounds more like a site for sys admins than software usage, although maybe that's what you're going for? Mithrandir24601‭ 27 days ago

Software Applications? Monica Cellio‭ 27 days ago

Maybe something like "Power User"? Peter Cooper Jr.‭ 27 days ago

+1 for Power User. laserkittens‭ 27 days ago

I like Power User too. Monica Cellio‭ 27 days ago

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Test questions:

  1. My workplace is using Zoom, and I'm struggling to figure out how to do ABC. I've tried approaches X, Y, and Z, and none of them have worked.
  2. I've installed Tor browser and run into problem DEF while trying to browse site GHI. As far as I can tell, there's no way around it. Any recommendations on Firefox extensions to allow for secure browsing while I browse GHI?
  3. I don't like my current mail client because reasons. What mail clients do you recommend I try instead?
  4. I'm trying out a new OS. What are some good resources for a beginner?
  5. I'm having [extremely intricate but well-detailed] problem with [obscure software]. Any solutions?
  6. I would like to do LMNO with my iPhone. Is this possible without jailbreaking?
  7. Which is better, Mac or PC?


Related suggestion, perhaps avoiding some issues with 3 and 4, and perhaps 2 as well: similar to many other Codidact sites, perhaps Power User should have its own resource request/software recommendation category? DonielF‭ 27 days ago

7 is there to see if we're paying attention, right? :-) Monica Cellio‭ 27 days ago

@Monica I certainly did not mean it as a legitimate question to be asked on the platform. Anyway, we all know that it's Mac. :) DonielF‭ 27 days ago

Is this broad enough to ask video game questions? "Where can I most efficiently farm resource X in game Y?" Etc. Sigma‭ 27 days ago

@Sigma I think that video games (and similar such as board games) deserve a community of their own. Alexei‭ 27 days ago

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Just to throw out another idea: why restrict the scope to use of software? The scope could also include the use of PC hardware and use of other consumer electronics. With different categories. A lot of trouble-shooting software questions will be borderline hardware questions.

Also, similar to how office suite questions on the Software Dev site are borderline between on-topic and off-topic, the same scenario exists on Electrical Engineering when it comes to use of electronics questions. If this site allowed questions about the use of consumer electronics, the EE community would benefit from that.

So with this proposal, the emphasis of the site would be that it is (power) users asking questions.



Based on provided feedback I will wrap up the proposal in this answer:

The name

Power User Codidact

Backers / contributors

This is the list of users that seem to support this community (did not manage to talk yet, they are deducted by me, feel free to add/remove).

High-level description

Power User Codidact is a community where computer enthusiasts (power users) ask and answer questions about software and hardware usage.


MS Office a subset of Google's G Suite that includes Docs, Sheets, etc Libre office and open office WPS office Zoho office, etc.

  • questions about the usage of communication applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Discord.
  • questions about office applications such as MS Office, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Libre Office, and Open Office (examples)
  • questions about command-line interfaces (example)
  • questions about browsers usage (e.g. tweaking some setting lead to page display issue on a particular web site)
  • questions about the usage of e-mail clients
  • questions about operating system usage (settings, trying a new OS etc).
  • questions about any software application (even more obscure ones), as long as enough details to reproduce the issues are provided (OS, software version etc.)
  • questions about software recommendations? (to be discussed if a separate community makes sense)
  • questions about computer hardware usage. This includes video games and consoles
  • questions about personal networking (i.e. home networks)


  • questions about software development
  • questions about video games, unless they are related to the infrastructure (i.e. issues with using a gaming console)
  • questions about usage of Web applications, sites, or services such as social networks


Please don't assume that people who discuss launching new sites are interested in contributing to the content once launched. I'm only here because this community would offer a place to migrate questions from other other communities where I'm active. I'm not likely to be active on this one, though. Lundin‭ 19 days ago

Btw the community name should totally be Codidact Power User (CPU) :) Lundin‭ 19 days ago

@Lundin That was just a temporary list to have a start. It was meant to be changed over time. Codidact Power User sounds very well btw :) Alexei‭ 19 days ago

software recommendations sounds like good idea for a category in software use? :D .                                                .‭ 18 days ago

I'll upvote this, if the second and fifth items in the on-topic list has a provision along the lines of "or a separate site for office software [working name Office Suite]" . There will be enough questions to go around for both Power User and Office Suite. Nick Alexeev‭ 10 days ago

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There's an existing proposal for an "office suite" site. Seeing as this seems to be a broader subject that includes such programs, should we close that proposal as a duplicate of this one? Same question goes for the AWS proposal, currently closed as a duplicate of what's now Software Codidact.


I don't think that we should close the Office Suite proposal. There's will be enough questions to go around for both Office Suite and Power User. Nick Alexeev‭ 13 days ago

[on a different note] As it stands right now, the Software Development site (Software.Codidact) covers anything from Excel formulas for database administration. It doesn't have a focus. It doesn't match the Software Development name. It needs a hard restart. If it were up to me, I would remake it in the image of SoftwareEngineering.SX circa early 2019. Nick Alexeev‭ 13 days ago

@Nick Why don't you expand your second comment into its own post on the Software Dev Meta? DonielF‭ 12 days ago

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