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Usernames of only periods and spaces shouldn't be allowed


This username shouldn't be allowed: .                                                .‭

It's hard to even see that it is a username link most of the time, it's probably problematic for @ commenting, and it's dehumanising and anti-community as it discourages other people from putting any mental image together of the person. And if anyone else makes an account with a different number of spaces it would be almost impossible to tell them apart.

Why should this post be closed?


While I do agree that it probably shouldn't be allowed, I don't see how it's "dehumanising" for the person involved (after all, they chose that username). And it's not like other usernames make it any less difficult to put together a mental image of the person. Moshi‭ 29 days ago

It shouldn't be allowed because it's obnoxious to the rest of the users. Olin Lathrop‭ 29 days ago

What about other forms of punctuation? Is it just the full stops and spaces you have issues with, or if they were replaced with say, commas, would you find that more acceptable? Or are you suggesting we should stick with (e.g.) characters entirely from various alphabets and number systems? Mithrandir24601‭ 29 days ago

do you realize the site is run by someone not named Art and not made of Code rite .                                                .‭ 28 days ago

@Mithrandir24601 Punctuation is fine, but there should also be some alphanumeric characters too. (Including non-Latin characters. Something pronounceable IMO. Usernames should not be only emoji for example.) curiousdannii‭ 28 days ago

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