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Can we get an optional featured image for the home pages?


Both Outdoors and Photography are running photo contests and it would be nice to display the winning image from the last contest in the sidebar.

My idea of how this would look,

Image alt text

It would also be nice to make the image a link so that it could go to the past contests.

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Ooh, luap42 prototyped this; I'm not sure where it stands but will try to find out. Monica Cellio‭ 28 days ago

@luap42 thanks, yeah. I guess most of the examples I remember seeing were live on a dev server that's not still there. Monica Cellio‭ 28 days ago

I wrote some stuff in a GitHub issue to track this. Monica Cellio‭ 27 days ago

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Concept is good. A few suggestions for the details:

  • Image should have a tag line showing where it is from. That could be the name of the post, author, timestamp. That tag line should link to the actual post.

  • Image itself could link to the post or simply to the image itself to view full size.

  • Image should be displayed in a set size. Might be configurable per site or might be for the entire system. Should definitely be coded in a way (probably just by width, since that is the more critical value) such that it won't end up stretched/squished if the image is not the typical portrait vs. landscape orientation. Hardcoding (whether in style or img tag or whatever works) is key so that the a high-resolution image doesn't take over the whole page.

  • Need some sort of moderator/admin tool to set the image. Ideally it would be "select the post" + "select image from within the post" (in case there is more than one image). Next best would be to paste the img url from the post and paste the post URL and paste the tag line - that would be more of a pain to use but simpler to code.


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