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Why do tags URL contain the ID of the site?


I have been browsing through the tags on different sites and found out its URL contains the ID of the site they belong to:

So some comments:

  • I see the need to group the tags IDs depending on the part of the site they belong to (Meta, main, resources, challenges or whatever else), but wouldn't the URLs be easier to determine by using subdomains? Like
  • Why is categories in the URL?
  • Could the name of the tag be part of the URL instead of its ID for a better manual search?
  • Shouldn't the URL of subtags be different from the URL of tags? I compared in Judaism the tag agriculture with its subtag challah

All of this comments come from a user perspective that may want to browse through the URLs independently of the UI. Also, I base my understanding of tags on the post Tag updates, including tag hierarchies, there may be other documentation about the topic that I could not find.

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They don't.

Linguistics is one site. Its site ID is 12. It has three categories - Q&A, Meta, and Resources - with IDs respectively of 36, 37, and 40.

Each category has a tag set, which contains tags used in that category; tag sets can be shared across multiple categories. The tags page URL starts with /categories/37 because it's looking up tags for that category (or, technically, within that category's tag set).

Parent and child tags are no different to each other; they're both fully-qualified top-level tags, just that they're related to one another - hence, the URL is no different other than the ID.


Mmmm you say tag sets can be shared across multiple categories, does it mean that they can also be shared across different sites? This info may be somewhere, but I couldn't find a reference, so if I am asking what is already somewhere, just point me there and I will give it a good read. thanks fedorqui‭ 27 days ago

In an ideal world we'd make the URL about the tag set and not the category. It's not intuitively obvious that two different URLs (for example, Languages Q&A and Languages Resources) point to the same tag set. Tags started out as just tags, and then tag sets came along, and then categories came along, so there'd probably need to be some refactoring. Monica Cellio‭ 27 days ago

Is then a way to check all the questions with a given tag across all categories of a site? For example Spanish in L&L-QA is and in L&L-Re is So both share the /tags/4131 but does not work. We may find it useful to find all non-meta posts in a given tag, across categories. fedorqui‭ 26 days ago

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