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Extra brackets for footnotes (but this time in post)


I noticed that this answer has two pairs of brackets:

two opening and closing brackets

However, in the preview, it shows as only a single pair of brackets,

correctly has one pair of brackets

Also here is an example in this post[1].

Weirdly it seems to only affect some posts, for instance is affected but not

  1. Some footnote text ↩︎

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Why should this post be closed?


Don't worry, it'll go away once all of markdown is reprocessed. .                                                .‭ 28 days ago

@.. What do you mean by that? Did a fix get implemented in the short time this post was up? Moshi‭ 28 days ago

@Moshi @53196 Nah, I was wrong and you are right. I just thought was going to disrupt posts except where newly posted or edit. But this is looking odd, IDK if what's happening is that the changes it introduces are shadowed by conflicting CSS. I guess it'll go away soon anyway when someone fixes it, but it is good catch. :) .                                                .‭ 28 days ago

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