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Site for Where is This? Identifying Places in pictures?


I propose a community just like,

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Is there an existing community at one of those places that's looking for a new platform? Are there people who are likely to stick around to try to answer these kinds of questions? Peter Cooper Jr.‭ 16 days ago

On SomeOther site, this is part of Travel. manassehkatz‭ 16 days ago

I don't see this as being a viable community as a standalone site. What if this were added as a separate category on the existing Travel proposal? DonielF‭ 15 days ago

What's even the purpose of that site? "I found a random picture of a place on the Internet and now I want to go there"? Decent sources usually list where a photo was taken, by whom. In fact publishing photos on the Internet (or elsewhere) without permission from the photographer is legally questionable. Lundin‭ 12 days ago

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"Where is this?" sounds like an interesting part of a community, but I'm having trouble imagining a community forming around just that.

More specifically, I could see this being part of a general puzzles community, or as part of a travel community, or -- with restricted scope -- part of Outdoors. In all of these cases, you would have a community of people who have already gathered for a broader reason, into which this kind of activity fits much the same way that challenges fit on other communities. (Several of our communities have weekly, monthly, or intermittent challenges related to their scopes.) Or, if there were a community for puzzles, this would sit alongside other puzzles that people post.

(I'm aware that Somewhere Else had a puzzles site, but I wasn't active in it and don't know much about it.)

I encourage you to add this aspect to a broader proposal, where I think it would be much more successful.

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Outdoors will take these types of questions as long as the pictures are of the outdoors Charlie Brumbaugh‭ 12 days ago

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