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How can I remove a tag?


I have just realized that a tag is redundant: angular-2+ since we have one for [angular] (as opposed with the old flavor, [angularjs]).

I have removed it from the only question and I want to remove it. How can I do that?

P.S. I have just realized that I can merge these two, but a direct removal would still make sense (it is also not clear what tag wiki goes to the merged tag).

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There is no way to delete a tag as such at the moment. You can, however, merge a redundant tag into its equivalent (in this case, merging angular-2+ into angular would work). The tag being merged will be removed from posts and deleted; the tag it's merged into will keep any tag wiki it already has.

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Are there any plans of having unused tags "age away" and delete themselves like on SE? It was quite handy, since the community could remove tags without involving moderators. Lundin‭ 20 days ago

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