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Accounting community


It's obvious and self-explain why we need an accounting community. Almost everyone in the western world pays taxes! Individuals and small business owners can't always afford accountants. I want a community for ALL accounting, not just personal.

General tip - In general we can provide an attractive alternative to Stack Exchange if we run communities that they don't have. Money stack allows PERSONAL accounting questions, but you can't ask accounting theory or questions from accounting textbooks.

Reddit has so many subreddits on accounting like r/accounting, r/cpa,

Why should this post be closed?


See also: proposal for economics. Yes I know that accounting and economics are not the same thing, but some who are interested in accounting might also be interested in economics. Monica Cellio‭ 17 days ago

That's fine that everyone needs an accountant, but for the same reasons that the theoretical med sci site won't offer personal medical advice, and that the Judaism site won't offer personal religious advice, this one can't offer personal accounting advice, only general or theoretical. DonielF‭ 17 days ago

An accounting site sounds like a wonderful idea. But this proposal sounds like an accounting site for practical advice, which does not. −1. msh210‭ 17 days ago

Most people have to do taxes, but I'm not sure a good accounting site is one that caters to everyone. I would support a community whose primary audience is accountants and accounting students, with everyone else as a secondary beneficiary. Sigma‭ 16 days ago

Additionally, this proposal would be improved with more detailed information on who the users would be, any challenges (e.g. international differences), proposed categories, etc. Sigma‭ 16 days ago

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