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Identify this location or object. [closed]


closed as duplicate by Moshi‭ on Nov 11, 2020 at 21:27

This question has been answered before. See: Site for Where is This? Identifying Places in pictures?

This question was closed; new answers can no longer be added. Users with the reopen privilege may vote to reopen this question if it has been improved or closed incorrectly.

Apology. New here...and i don't know why has IDEA tag, not proposal. I want proposal tag.

Like that person said, let's have community just like, Just for identifying where picture took.

NO problem with getting users. My German friend set up in april 2020. It has SO MANY users and posts and answers! People will find their way to this kind of community!

A dedicated Locations Codidact, separate from Travel sounds like an excellent idea. — Rounin‭ 21 days ago

Why should this post be closed?


Welcome to Codidact. This suggestion would work better as a possible refinement of this one. As for tags, we use "idea" when the proposal is more early-stage and "proposal" when it's farther along. I admit that's kind of fuzzy. The other purpose of the "idea" phase is to try to gather an initial community; we want to know there are several people actively interested in supporting a community before we launch it, to set it up for success. Monica Cellio‭ 17 days ago

If you have people willing to back the proposal, that's great! :) However, I'll have to close this as dupe, please post an answer or comment on the other page if you want to further that proposal. Moshi‭ 17 days ago

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