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Separate Languages from Linguistics? [closed]


closed as off topic by Monica Cellio‭ on Nov 12, 2020 at 20:15

This question is not within the scope of Codidact Meta.

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Stack exchange separates languages from linguistics for good reasons. they're not the same thing. linguistics is an academic subject.

and why combine all the languages on one post? like stack, why not ONE language for each community?

Why should this post be closed?


This should be in the Site Proposals category, or possibly in the Languages site meta. This isn't a main-site meta issue. Olin Lathrop‭ 17 days ago

When I clicked CLOSE, I was expecting to add one vote to closing, not have my action unilaterally close the post. Oh well. It really should be in the other category. Olin Lathrop‭ 17 days ago

Reopened: Site proposals is for site proposals. Moshi‭ 16 days ago

@Moshi: Right, but this isn't in the Site Proposals category. Olin Lathrop‭ 16 days ago

I've closed this here, as it is a community-specific matter that is more properly discussed on Languages & Linguistics Meta. You are welcome to bring it up there, taking into account the feedback you got here. Monica Cellio‭ 16 days ago

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The reason is quite simple. We don't have enough people for more than one community. Also, a lot of people interested in one language are already bilingual or are interested in more than one language. By having a supersite, we increase the pool of answerers for any given language.

Secondly, I think that your assumption that questions about languages and questions about linguistics are mutually exclusive is quite off. Linguistics is, quite simply, the study of language, so it makes little sense to separate the two except for traffic purposes - and if we get to that point, I would propose using Codidact categories rather than a separate site.

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No, there really is basically no overlap between linguistics and the kind of vocabulary/etymology/translation requests that SE and the new Codidact L&L site get. curiousdannii‭ 12 days ago