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A small tool area to navigate through answers on a question page


I like the idea of a small tool zone for each answer that lets you skip quickly to the previous or next one.

A navigation button or keyboard short-cut or gesture to skip one post at a time (Next/previous) just by clicking on one spot on the screen would let one scan through all the answers and stop at the interesting ones or return to one that you thought might need a comment.

Such 'advanced' features can be small and even configurable. A pop-up could indicate that they can be hidden if they are bothersome. After 6 months the majority selection by active users could be used to determine the default status.

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FYI you can activate keyboard shortcuts in your user profile, which allow you to navigate most lists and the answers via your keyboard. Press ? once active to see the commands. luap42‭ 18 days ago

Great, I will practice with them in the mean time. Was there an obvious way to close the help popup. I deactivated and reactivated the shortcuts to close it. KalleMP‭ 18 days ago

@KalleMP esc should work. We probably should put that in the help text Moshi‭ 18 days ago

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