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Defining and Defeating Tyranny


I have three separate groups of people on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Nextdoor. None of them are particularly thriving, possibly because of the fear of persecution for unpopular beliefs.

I am not sure what to call the site, but it is about tyranny and how to defeat it. Included beneath this umbrella are all discussions on what constitutes illegitimate power and/or authority, especially by government but also by any leader.

Why should this post be closed?


Do you mean a politics site? That would summarise all of your points and more. Zerotime‭ 9 days ago

This sounds more like a collaborative effort than typical Q&A. I don't think this fits the type of topic material envisioned (in general) for Codidact. On the other hand, the Codidact software might be useful to you. The software is open source and available on Github. To be honest, I suspect that a "forum" system such as Discourse may be a better technical fit. manassehkatz‭ 9 days ago

Could you add a few examples of questions (titles I mean) that you see people asking on this community? I think it'd help people not deeply involved in this area get a better understanding of the topic. Codidact is oriented more around knowledge (Q&A, blogs, resource collections, etc) than around discussion, but I imagine there are plenty of applicable questions about legislation, constitutions, political theory, practicalities (e.g. privacy measures), etc. Is that what you had in mind? Monica Cellio‭ 9 days ago

Thanks Monica for giving me a chance here. And all the other commenters too so far. Here is an example of a question about defining tyranny: “What is the difference between power and authority?” Here is one about defeating tyranny: “If the French Revolution was about defeating tyranny, why did the rebels appoint a tyrant as leader and start purging as soon as they were in power?” seth.wagenman‭ 7 days ago

My aim is to increase understanding of self-evident principles which could allow enmity based on labels (like a political party) to give way in favor of respect for differing opinions, all clearly stated and on display for the world to participate and augment. seth.wagenman‭ 7 days ago

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