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A site for politics


I'd like to propose a site focused around politics.

Topics could range from national matters, international relations, international organisations and their positions in relation to member countries, voting, political systems, political theory and everything in between.

Why do I propose it? Basically because of the same reasons, I proposed a medical science site. With the pandemic still alive, countries struggling to decide what should be done and the disruptions to everyday life all around the globe, many people wonder what the next steps should be nationally and globally, not only in regard to healthcare.

As an example: In Germany, the state's decision to save companies like Lufthansa and TUI by becoming more or less a stakeholder within these companies resulted in a backslash if the government should support business models running on fossil fuels. An alternative proposal was to support these companies but attach strings to the money so that it's primarily invested in green technologies and transforming the company (only in German, sorry).

Other current topics which are relatively large are the presidential election in the US, China's Fourteenth five-year plan, the Nagorno-Karabakh war this year (which resulted in a recent ceasefire) or the recent veto against the proposed EU budget by Hungary and Poland

What do you think?

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I would love to participate in a politics site. Severus Snape‭ 5 days ago

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