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Relevance of search results


The search function seems not to turn up good search results when sorted by relevance (the default sort).

For example: Searching for community wiki on Meta Codidact turns up 12 pages of results, but the whole first page of results has nothing with "wiki" in the title and only a handful with "community." The first results were apparently chosen for the number of times the word "community" appears in the body of the post ("wiki" never appears in it). But when I search "community wiki", it turns out that there are six posts with the two words together in the title (one of them my own, recently closed as a duplicate because my search for community wiki didn't turn up the other five...).

Is it possible to change the search algorithm to search for a better measure of relevance and not just to count the number of times one of the terms appears? (Google does a better job at searching, so that could be a temporary workaround.)

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Exact search seems slightly more helpful in this case, but yeah the search kind of sucks in general Moshi‭ 10 days ago

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