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Science-Fiction & Fantasy site


I'd love to see a Science Fiction (& Fantasy?) site. I contributed to one on another site and it was very successful.

On topic: films, books, comics and even video games if the question is about the plot (so no "how to complete a quest").

Since this is a proposal, I welcome your feedback, whether you think this will work or reasons why it won't.

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Perfect opportunity to not repeat the same mistakes as SE did. They made everything from Donald Duck to Grimm brothers on-topic "fantasy", because it contains "fantastic creatures". Surely it must be possible to make a much more narrow scope and a better definition of the genres. Lundin‭ 4 days ago

I feel like there could be a useful partnership with Scientific Speculation, too -- this community for what exists, that one for what could exist (with a science ground). Monica Cellio‭ 4 days ago

Adding to Monica's comment above, also of course Writing, where people can ask about how to tell a science fiction or fantasy story of their own creation. (Or any other kind of written matter, for that matter; pretty much everything from blog posts to technical articles to screenplays is welcome.) Canina‭ 4 days ago

@Lundin Just to argue the other side, it can be really hard to define "fantasy" without suddenly realizing you're encompassing all of fiction. And it's really frustrating to have questions and not sure where to get answers, with just "it's off topic here" being a reason to not get them even where there are people able willing to answer. I totally get that scopes need to be well-defined, but it's quite a tricky beast. Peter Cooper Jr.‭ 4 days ago

@Lundin would you be able to flesh that out into a scope proposal in an answer, so people can vote, comment (more easily), and edit? Thanks. (I wasn't active over there so I don't know what those pitfalls were.) Monica Cellio‭ 4 days ago

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I would suggest broadening to scope to any literature. Some benefits:

  • The same kind of people who are interested in science fiction and fantasy are likely to be readers of other books as well
  • A broader scope is more in line with other Codidact sites (Languages & Linguistics and Software Development are broader than their equivalents on Stack Exchange)
  • If anyone eventually does propose a separate literature site, it would have to have unnecessary overlap with this one, or have a very odd scope (realistic fiction and non-fiction?)
  • It doesn't exclude possible contributors who are less interested in science fiction and fantasy (I may be reflecting my own biases; I'm more interested in other genres of literature)

I can see arguments for a site with more limited scope, like Books, Prose, Narrative, but it seems more logical to be as inclusive as possible with a Literature site, since it isn't clear exactly which exactly match the interests and expertise of the potential contributor base.


Science Fiction & Fantasy have a lot in common and in some ways are indeed different from other genres. But they do overlap with many other types of fiction to varying degrees. I suggest not literature but fiction. There are a lot of issue for fiction (whether Science Fiction & Fantasy or other types) that simply do not apply to non-fiction, and vice versa. manassehkatz‭ 4 days ago

When I hear literature I think of written material specifically (books etc), while I think the proposal here means to include movies, TV, etc. Monica Cellio‭ 4 days ago

Effectively, the SE Sci-fi/fantasy site has made any manner of fiction on-topic, as long as there is some "fantastic" element present. Lundin‭ 3 days ago

@MonicaCellio I didn't mean to exclude them: "I can see arguments for a site with more limited scope, like Books, Prose, Narrative, but it seems more logical to be as inclusive as possible with a Literature site." It does bring up the question of where to draw the line, though user8078‭ 3 days ago

It sounds like you're proposing a site we could call, "Stories". This would cover any fictional genre and include movies but exclude documentaries. We could use [tag:sci-fi] and [tag:fantasy]. I could live with that. Wikis‭ 3 days ago

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