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Community dropdown and profile information


I was looking for a way to see what communities I have posted in, or am a "member" of, and I didn't find it.

It would be really helpful to have a dropdown like SE does, where I can click a button in the top-right, and see "Current Community" and "Your Communities".

As it is, there is no easy way for me to find one community from another. From meta, I have to search for the site proposal, and click the "status launched" link to get to the community I want.

Also, when viewing my profile, I'd like to be able to see similar information as well, such as questions, answers, reputation, badges, and whatever other information you deem appropriate.

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The dashboard lists all of the communities, i just have it bookmarked lol ( Moshi‭ 9 days ago

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Thanks for bringing this up. I agree; we need to add the concept of a network profile and have a GitHub issue for it. But we haven't gotten to it yet. (Our devs think this is a good first issue for anybody looking to join the team, in case anybody reading this is.)

Another way to get to the community you want is to go to the communities list and then visit the community of interest. You can then use your profile link at the top of the page to get to your profile. That's more steps than is ideal, but it's a workaround until we get a proper network profile in place.

The communities list sometimes lags new communities a bit (our two newest aren't there yet but should be soon), unfortunately. With luck, if you're actively involved in a brand-new community you already know how to get there or your browser remembers the URL.

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A follow-up question: Is there a reason the list of communities is different on and ? mbomb007‭ 7 days ago

@mbomb007‭ the list on is maintained in files checked in to git; the dashboard reads out of the database. The community descriptions shown on aren't in the database. I don't know if there's a technical reason for to not depend on the DB. (Descriptions could be added, but that might not be the only reason.) Monica Cellio‭ 7 days ago


Besides the excellent points brought up in the preexisting answer, note also that a list of communities is at the bottom of every page of the site.

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It doesn't seem like all of them are. For example, Christianity was launched, but is not (yet?) listed. ghost-in-the-zsh‭ 9 days ago

Right, @ghost-in-the-zsh , the two newest aren't listed yet, but I imagine will soon be. msh210‭ 9 days ago

Yes. They’ll be added to the homepage (and thereby to the footer) once they have proper logos. luap42‭ 8 days ago

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