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Which communities have shown interest?


QPixel is not Codidact, yet, and so we're not yet trying to "build all the things" (communities). But some communities on SE seem eager to move even to a temporary site, and one already has. Which communities are looking to move, and what do we know about them? Are there particular users we should talk with? Meta posts where they've discussed moving?

Please use this question to record what we know about candidate communities, so we can collectively figure out logistics, timing, etc. (It's probably better to add communities one at a time, for instance.)

For communities that want to know more

Thank you for your interest! The site you're viewing is built on QPixel, a project that started as more of an SE clone. It doesn't have all of SE's features, but it has the basics, enough to start building out your site either with imported content or from scratch.

We are modifying QPixel to become Codidact in the future. Codidact will have some important differences from SE, because we've learned a lot in a decade+ of using SE about where communities have encountered friction. Some types of content don't fit SE's Q&A format as-is -- for sandboxes, code-golfing, critiques, canonical posts, and others, communities have had to twist things to make them work. And for some communities, baked-in SE features like specific close reasons or comment-handling pose challenges. Codidact is building a richer toolbox so each community can build the site it needs. You'll see these features appear gradually on your sites here, as we implement them.

Some things will change as we move this platform toward the Codidact vision. Privileges will be tied to your activity rather than basing everything off a single reputation number. Answer scoring will be a little different, designed to favor consensus over controversy. Meta will work a little differently. We think these changes are for the better, we don't expect them to be alarming, and Codidact team members will assist with the transition and be on hand to answer questions. We'll keep working toward the Codidact Vision.

Please use QPixel to build your site with confidence that you'll be able to make a smooth transition to Codidact when it's ready. In the unlikely event that you decide you prefer QPixel to Codidact, no problem -- QPixel is open-source so you can take it and your data, and we'll help you set up your own server. We think you're going to prefer Codidact, though.

Please use this Meta site if you have questions or concerns. Or if you want to get more involved in building Codidact, visit

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Outdoors.SE has had some interest in moving away from SE,

and the site has kind of ground to a halt after the mess, we lost plenty of our most active users and there has been very little activity among the regulars who are still around. It seems like people have lost motivation for site-building which is very understandable.

I would prefer migrating sooner than later and I think there would be a number of users who would be willing to move to QPixel.


Welcome! From the posts you linked, it sounds like several once-active users including one moderator would be interested in trying an alternative. We'd be happy to set up a site for you here, if you (or someone else you bring in) takes point on "rallying the troops" (so to speak) and talking with us about setup (what to import, who your mod(s) are, etc). Monica Cellio 3 months ago

@Monica, I can write that up on the Outdoors.SE meta, will probably wait till Monday to catch the most users. Charlie Brumbaugh 3 months ago

@Charlie sounds good! Could you share the link when you do? Thanks. Monica Cellio 3 months ago

Followup on TGO meta: Monica Cellio 3 months ago

@Charlie, it looks like you've got enough buy-in there to give it a shot, and that the people supporting the idea also support appointing you as a moderator. So we can do that, and if any TGO mods come over we can add them (that's what we did on Writing), and later y'all can have an election or something but no need to worry about that early on. Monica Cellio 3 months ago

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Speculative Science

The scope of Worldbuilding.SE is very broad, ranging from hard-science questions about orbital mechanics to questions about the design of magical creatures. Some users from there have been discussing a more science-focused community here. It's still about worldbuilding, in the sense that questions are about things that don't necessarily exist in our world, but it'd focus more on science than pure imagination in its speculative questions.

This community would need data import that's more expressive than what's been done on Writing and Outdoors -- specific tags, but also excluding specific tags -- so a question that is tagged both "biology" and "magic" would be excluded. The community might want to do a later round of data import if that's feasible -- so, start with high-value tags and then see what else to pull in.

This community would probably use categories to create a sandbox, once categories are available. A blog or wiki is also possible.




Well, I don't have such critical dissatisfaction with Stack Exchange, probably because I interacted with SE (employees or CMs) very little and the recent changes in SE policies has not affected much to the site I moderate. Yes, I am Moderator Pro Tempore on Hinduism Stack Exchange!

The primary reason behind my interest in Codidact is "It is Free and Opensource". I insist and prefer FLOSS over proprietary software. I has been looking for a FOSS QA plat form for long time, since I joined Stack Exchange (March 2014) and after getting aware with GNU's software freedom philosophy (Nov. 2014). I am aware of one FOSS QA platform, AskBot which is used by Libreoffice and others but I never thought and/or put effort regarding starting QA communities through it.

I do not know how new communities can be proposed or started through codidact? (e.g on Stack Exchange, there is Area51). If it will be feasible in future, I would like to see two communities GNU/Linux and Hinduism :)


Welcome! We haven't worked out a formal process for requesting communities. In the short term, for QPixel, the focus is on communities that need something sooner than Codidact will be ready, since this is an interim solution. Some SE communities are in trouble after recent events; we want to help them. Monica Cellio 5 months ago

But, more broadly, if you've got a group of users who want to build a community here, please let us know. We don't want to just create sites for the sake of creating sites, but if there are users waiting, let's talk! Monica Cellio 5 months ago

@Monica Thanks for the response. The communities I mentioned are not in trouble at present. So, there is no urgency to create mentioned communities through QPixel. We can wait until Codidact gets fully developed and gets ready :) Pandya 4 months ago

@Monica Regarding building community other than mentioned, I don't have group of users waiting at present. If solid group of enthusiasts will be ready, I'll inform you. Pandya 4 months ago

Hi @Pandya, we now have a Site Suggestion category, where you can suggest your sites if you still want to. luap42 6 days ago