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Recent feature changes to QPixel


This site runs on the QPixel software, maintained by Codidact. What progress has been made recently?

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March 2020

  • 16th: Site design has been updated to use the Co-Design framework: Design changes are a-coming!
  • 22nd: Main and meta tags have been split by the introduction of "tag sets". Questions may only use tags from one tag set; main and meta have separate tags.
  • 23rd: Spam-protection measures have been introduced to user signup after spammers started mass-creating accounts.

April 2020

Much of April was sunk into figuring out the data import process for a new site, Outdoors, which launched on the 23rd.

  • 25th: Base Categories implementation - every post now belongs to a category, and its tag set and other rules are governed by the category. This is a preliminary to some more work around categories to expand the features.
  • 27th: Categories header UI to aid in category discoverability.
  • 28th: Trinkets Tuesday: #40, #42, #43, #44, #45
  • 30th: Categories customization and some display changes to allow for easier display on pages with wider content.

May 2020

  • 1st: Categories subscriptions and new-post indicators (and a bunch more automated tests).
  • 3rd: QR code-based mobile login; post close/delete notices are now at the top of posts.
  • 4th: Post authors can now specify under which license each post they write is available from a set of CC licenses. Categories also have default licenses.
  • 5th: Two-factor authentication is now available in users' Account settings. Also added a proper interface for Markdown editing.
  • 7th: The order of categories in the bar at the top is now configurable.
  • 10th: Categories now can have "required tags" (posts must have >= 1 of these) and "topic tags" (which get special markings). The question list now has more prominent notices for answered/unanswered state.
  • 12th: Sites can now link to a chat platform of their choice in the sidebar.
  • 17th: Email addresses must now be confirmed before the account is enabled.
  • 19th: Finished customizable data import process is available.
  • 23rd
    • Sites can enable MathJax in site settings
    • Sites can add an optional Note section at the top of the sidebar
  • 28th: Email-based two-factor authentication

June 2020

  • 1st: Bugfixes and feature tweaks
  • 3rd: Markdown engine changes to make posts align more closely with previews, and to support CommonMark better
  • 8th: Article post type (no answers, but has comments)
  • 11th: It's now possible to suggest edits if you don't have the neccessary privileges to edit directly. Users with editing privileges can approve or reject them.
  • 16th: Post "tools" menu available containing moderation tools (convert to comment, change category)
  • 17th: Post scores are now displayed as up/down and answers are sorted by a calculated score instead of a simple sum.
  • 19th: Sign-in and sign-out are now network-wide; signing in on one site will sign you in everywhere.
  • 20th: Posts drafts are saved as you type and restored when you refresh or come back to the same page if you haven't posted them.
  • 25th: Categories can now have moderator-only tags that nobody except moderators can use or edit.
  • 26th: Search now has qualifiers for votes as well as score.
  • 30th: Spammers and trolls beware. You can now be warned or suspended.
  • 30th: Tags refresh. Proper tags lists, tag information & posts pages, and tag hierarchies are available, with options to see posts from a full hierarchy or only the current tag.

July 2020

  • 1st: Judaism now has the Sefaria linker plugin, to link automatically to sections of scripture.
  • 1st: Tags now have a hierarchical view to more easily show how tags are related. Also a bunch of new help center articles thanks to our Docs team.
  • 3rd: Post Validations JS API & you'll now be given a warning that images are missing alt text if you try to post without any (you can still post, but alt text is encouraged).