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Is it really necessary to sign up for Codidact META when already signed up to Codidact?


I was expecting to be able to switch to Codidact Meta ( with a single click on a button somewhere on Codidact ( I have not (yet?) found such a facility and I'm afraid anything more (even one time) seems to me pointless trouble. But it would bother me less if I was aware of a good reason.

Possibly related: Once into Codidact META I don't understand why "Ask Question" informs me "You're asking a new question on the main site … ".

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It's because there are two different software platforms here,

  • is running on Discourse
  • is on running on QPixel.

At some point the idea is to stop using the Discourse software I think but till then the two software types will require different logins.

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I've been assuming that this meta will evolve into the meta for the instance we host (the town hall for stuff that affects all our sites), while the forum would be used for development of the open-source platform for as long as that makes sense. Monica Cellio about 1 month ago