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Site suggestion - Code Golf


It's probably okay to request a new site here. If so, I suggest there to be a Code Golf site. TopAnswers has a Code Golf site, and evidently there is a large amount of core users there.

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Do members of the Code Golf communities (SE and/or TA) want to have one here too, like to be able to compare options? If the community is happy on TopAnswers then I wouldn't want to interfere with that, but we're happy to set up a community here if that's what the people involved want. Monica Cellio about 1 month ago

They probably want to have one here too. Codidact is one of the move-on options here, so it's probably a nice idea to have a site here. Also they definitely want to be here. Site Proposer about 1 month ago

Also, for the record, from my initial assessment it seems the community has gone mostly inactive for a number of days now. ozewski 26 days ago

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Members of the Code Golf community have already created a site on TopAnswers. While this doesn't mean there can't be a site here, I would want to see a stronger show of support from members of the community. The golfers seem to be happy on TopAnswers, so we're not going to create this site right now. If circumstances change, or if the Code Golf community wants to have sites on both Codidact and TopAnswers in order to compare them, then we can revisit this then.

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