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Importing new posts from SE


I expect there will be some desire to import new questions from is there a process for doing this?

I also joined where they have an import tool that allows you to import questions and related answers. I am hoping for something similar here. Of note, at top answers they do not have a tool to bring over all the questions, like codidact does.

P.S. Thanks for all your great work getting up and running.

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Related: This was a couple months ago, so there's probably an update. Monica Cellio about 1 month ago

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Not yet.

It's in the plans, but at the moment that tool doesn't exist. We're focusing on building the features we want to have for our initial launch before we focus on the surrounding tools, like this one. For that initial launch, all we need is the ability to do one-off imports, which is what we already have and have used to seed Writing and Outdoors.

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