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I suggest a minimalism site


I suggest a minimalism site in which people can ask questions about anything that has to do with the terms "minimalist approach" or "minimalism".

A minimalist approach can have cases such as in:

  • Minimalist architecture: Architecture with least properties beyond practical demands
  • Minimalist furniture: Furniture with least properties beyond practical demands
  • Minimalist music styles: Music based on just one or two musical instruments with or without singing and maybe also clapping (such as Gnawa music or Anhalt EBM music - I would hastily draw out).
  • Minimalist religious art: Aniconism or figures which are comprised only of line segments and/or cursives and/or circles (but not polygons) or no face patterns as with Yahwistic sect art or Islamic art
  • Minimalist camping: How to camp with least amount of items
  • Minimalist clothing: How to style and maybe even design clothes which are minimalist in their designs, yet unique

And more examples could be given (minimalist spaceships design; "barebone design", minimalist programming, etc).

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Hi, minimalism seems like an interesting topic, but I'm not sure, whether it'd make a good site. The approaches you listed seem to be from many different areas and I'm not sure, whether it's possible to gather experts for all these in one site. Do you have a (small) group of people, who'd be willing to start that site and provide initial content? Do you want to migrate from an existing platform? Can you name me one or two example questions you'd ask, because I can't really think of any. luap42‭ 7 months ago

HI; I agree it could be hard to unite so much under this one frame: All unanswered questions I asked in StackExchange are gone since I left the site so I don't have content and I never encountered people interested in general Minimalism as myself, but please take a look at: JohnDoea‭ 7 months ago

Hi and welcome! Is minimalism something that people form broad communities around? That is, is there a "minimalist" community out there, or are there instead minimalist communities within other fields? I'm trying to figure out whether minimalism is a top-level concept or a movement within other fields. Do minimalist furniture designers and minimalist musicians get together to discuss minimalism? Monica Cellio‭ 7 months ago

Mrs. Cellio, what a nice surprise for me to get a comment from you - well am, I personally think it's both; most of the time I came across "minimalist" branches within Art, Music, Religion, Architecture (especially modern Japanese/Korean), Sci-Fi and UFO art (minimalist Alien spacecrafts exterior and interior design) but I am the only "minimalist" by ideology I know of. JohnDoea‭ 7 months ago

I think in general, a site should look to serve a community of practice — a group of people who share a passion and continually interact as they follow that interest. mattdm‭ 7 months ago

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I stand behind this site suggestion.

I'm (sort of) a minimalist too. I'm more of a "simplifier" than a minimalist though.

Minimalism can be a top-level topic on its own. It isn't useful to fragment it across communities.

For example, I zealously try to simplify things and reduce clutter in many different aspects:

  • Writing emails: Get to the point. Keep it short. Only one topic per email. Keep CC list short.

  • Writing/speaking style: Use simple sentences. Avoid obscure words and complex sentence structures.

  • Investments: Invest in only a few stocks or funds.

  • Fitness: Stick to a simple diet. Do only one (or two) types of exercise. Use simple household equipments for workout instead of gimmicks.

  • Bank accounts and credit cards: Use only one bank account and one credit card.

  • and so on...

It would be interesting to build this community.

However, the Q&A format may be less suitable. Minimalism "enthusiasts" and "experts" sharing their experiences and advice (in blogs or similar) seems better.

I would gladly share my experiences with the community. I don't want to visit ten different communities for it. Keep it simple. One community is good for this purpose.

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Are you (plural) saying that minimalism is more of a philosophy that pervades all aspects of one's life, the way some religions might? So just like you'd expect to find all your Jewish Q&A on a Judaism site, rather than food (kosher) ones on Cooking and workplace accommodations on Workplace and education on Parenting and so on? Monica Cellio‭ 7 months ago

@Monica Cellio There's certainly a "philosophy" aspect as well as a "way of life" aspect to minimalism (at least as I see it). Your analogy with the Judaism site (or religion, in general) is a good one. It would be helpful to describe why minimalism needs a single separate site. Masked Man‭ 7 months ago

Whoever downvoted (the answer and also the question), what are you trying to convey? I support the minimalism site, why should you have a problem with it? If you don't want the site, then don't support it and don't participate in it when/if it gets launched. Exactly what do you gain by getting in the way of other people's efforts? Masked Man‭ 7 months ago

I didn't downvote this, but I'm still struggling to understand what would be gained by bringing together diverse "minimalist" groups, as opposed to having "minimalist" subgroupings within other communities. Examples: why can't "minimalist writing" questions be asked on Writing, "minimalist camping" on an outdoors activities site, "minimalist finances" on a hypothetical personal finances site, "minimalist programming" on a hypothetical programming site, etc.? Canina‭ 7 months ago

Basically, what is gained by focusing on the "minimalism" part, as opposed to the overarching subject matter? Canina‭ 7 months ago

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