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What is the difference between the subdomain forum.codidact and the rest of the communities?


I just noticed that the account I created for the subdomain doesn't work for the rest of the community websites.

Given that, I had to create a new account.

Is this supposed to be happening?

What are the differences between the forum and the rest of the websites?

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It's something completely different.

This project started in a Discord server, which was originally used for all kind of discussions regarding organisational matters and with regards to ideas, how our software should be structured. At some point, a chat became unuseful for that purpose (because of the temporary-ness and live-discussion-nature of chat messages), so someone set up that forum. It's still in use for these three types of discussions:

  • How should our project be organized?
  • How should our software look like and work in general?
  • Where should our project be headed to?

Then we launched our first community: Writing. It had an assigned "Meta" site (something that became a Meta category recently) for discussions about their site and site policy. Naturally, some bug reports and feature requests were opened there, too, so it became an place for that kind of stuff, too.

Some time later we opened this Meta.Codidact site for discussions about aspects, which relate to more than one Codidact community. As with Writing.Codidact Meta, bug reports and feature requests were opened here, too.

This means, that these kind of things are somehow accepted here, too, as long as they are more about questions of detail and not about the grand scheme of things. You can -- of course -- suggest the latter here, too, to rally support within the live communities. That will be a priorization factor for the organization of the development effort. (And if you want a feature desperatly, why don't you build it? :D)

Because the forum uses a completely different software (Discourse), there is currently no joint user account. An other sign for that is, that the organizational matters (as the forum) are on, whereas the communities are on

At some point in the future, it may be a good idea to either use the forum as an OAuth provider, or to build an OAuth provider into our software, so that you can use accounts there too.

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The site is a Discourse installation that served as a place for discussion and planning of the Codidact project before any of the Codidact sites were up and running - long predating Meta.CD. Seeing as there was a need for coordination and discussion before any Codidact sites were actually functional, the Discourse installation was set up to serve that purpose.

Meta.CD - here - is a Codidact site itself, currently running on a version of QPixel and serves as a place for meta discussion about Codidact.

Many of the historical decisions about Codidact the organization and the sites can be found on the Discourse installation.

Now, most meta discussion can happen here on Meta.CD, but it appears that some of that discussion is still happening over on Discourse.

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