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I suggest a Thai languages Codidact


I am a student of common Thai language for nearly a year.

I understand that common Thai language is about at least 75% similar to other Tai Kra-Dai languages such as Lao; let along, the writing systems are very similar and I can read a bit of Lao even though I never studied Lao for a moment.

I understand that Thai language (including Lao language, Isan-Thai language) share pretty much the same tonation system as well as the same Khmer-Thai diacritics system.

I understand that Thai and Khmer share many words (the similarity between Thai and Khmer is by itself a very interesting topic IMO); for example:

| English     | Thai             | Khmer            |
| ----------- | ---------------- | ---------------- |
| I           | กู (gu)           | ខ្ញុំ (khiom)       | 
| Want        | ต้องการ (tonggan) | ចង់បាន (changban) |
| This        | นี้ (n^i)          | នេះ (ni)         |
| Food        | อาหาร (ahan)     | អាហារ (ahe'n)    |
| For         | สำหรับ (samhrab)  | សម្រាប់ (samrheb)  |
| Her         | เธอ (t-ee-o')    | នាង (n-ee-o)     |

In modern Thai กู (gu) is archaic and ฉัน (chan)/ผม (phom) are used for woman/man respectively.

The site could be handy for many expats, tourists, and linguistics amateurs who want to learn focal data about Tai Kra-Dai languages.

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SE has what I gather are successful sites for some other languages (German, French, Japanese...), where the sites are about the language itself. (I don't mean "SO in $language".) I don't know much about their successes and challenges, since I can't read a lot of the content. Do you have experience on any of those sites? And do you know other Thai speakers/readers who would be interested in building this community? (We probably can't help as much as we'd like because of the language barrier.) Monica Cellio‭ 7 months ago

I recall mostly bad experiences from English Language and German language SE; back in the day at Linguistics SE I met there user:bytebuster who told me something like he tried to start a "Thai" community in StackExchange Area51 but the suggestion didn't get enough attention and deleted (to this day I misunderstand why they delete such valuable suggestions). Since my Linguistics SE account no longer exists (as with 99% of my accounts there) I can't contact him but I believe he would glad. JohnDoea‭ 7 months ago

There's now user53100‭ 4 months ago

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