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I suggest a "MediaWiki Answers" sort of site


I suggest a "MediaWiki Answers" sort of site.

MediaWiki is the most common (yet perhaps most elusive) CMS out there as being the CMS of the website Wikipedia and of many similar websites.

I myself own an RTL MediaWiki website and to maintain it I often need to check the MediaWiki documentation, which not once I found undidactic (especially on RTL/bidirectionality topics).

I personally don't recognize a necessity to make Wikipedia the main encyclopedia website of this world and I say more power to many "contesting" or "alternative" encyclopedias as a principle, in any given language.

I often used MediaWiki support desk and got support from some very nice community members there but I found their support desk user interface archaic and unaccessible: One isn't allowed to edit posts there unless shehe registers (no "edit by IP" policy) and there is no MarkDown support (which is for me a disaster).

Therefore, I suggest the first independent MediaWiki Q&A community here.

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Here's the thing. This Site Suggestions category is here for, per its description, folks who have some sort of core group of users interested in building a site. The idea for a site is one thing, but it's not enough to get a good, active site going - a site needs a community, and one person does not a community make.

Some of these suggestions you have may be great ideas for sites, but without the community behind them we can't support a site for them. If you want to build a site here, find your topic, find a community who'll support the site through its early stages, then propose the site.

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Hi; your fine answer brought me to write this: JohnDoea‭ 7 months ago

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