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Cooking Codidact site


I'd like a community dedicated to professional and amateur cooks and chefs, analogous with

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I am an amateur cook and, in the wake of current world events, have been doing even more cooking and have no place to ask my questions. I would participate in a cooking site if we had one. Do we have other interested participants? Monica Cellio 23 days ago

I might be interested in participating in a cooking site... not sure whether we have enough interest overall without getting an existing community interested, though. ArtOfCode 23 days ago

A few months old, but relevant to this topic: Considering Leaving Stack Exchange manassehkatz 23 days ago

I certainly would be willing to contribute. We definitely need a recipe category... yum! Sigma 23 days ago

@Sigma or maybe a blog category that can support both recipes and "technique" posts, with good use of tags? Or did you mean recipe requests? That could work if structured, sort of like Photo's gear recommendations. "I need a recipe for X" bad, "I need a recipe for X following these constraints" workable. Monica Cellio 22 days ago

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Fresh start

I wasn't active on the SE site, so I don't know what the state of things is like there. But this site isn't being founded by SE people who want to emigrate; I see no discussion on their meta about moving, though there was some discussion of unhappiness a few months ago. Rather, this site is being proposed by people who, as far as I can tell, are starting anew with a cooking site here.

I would therefore argue for starting with a blank slate and not importing data. If there are some special questions there that we want to pull over, we can do those. And if you participated there and want to bring over your content, we can do that. But let's not import thousands of questions from Seasoned Advice; people here aren't overly connected to that site, and we don't even know the value of the content we'd be importing.

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How is the migration set up for pulling questions from meta? There's a question on about vocabulary differences between dialects of English which is extremely detailed and useful. Peter Taylor 15 days ago

@PeterTaylor I'm not sure off-hand, but I'm confident that we can do something there, even if it's a more manual process for a handful of meta posts. Monica Cellio 15 days ago


The comments indicate that we have a few people here who would be interested in participating. I think current events could make this a timely site -- more people are cooking more at home than previously and probably have questions. (I know I do, even though I'm an experienced cook.)

To move forward, we need to:

  • Determine that we do have people who will actively participate. How many? I don't know what a reasonable threshold is, but so far it appears we have too few for our newest site to gain momentum (though I do hope that changes!).

  • Establish scope. We don't need a detailed "on-topic/off-topic" list if we have some good overall guidelines, but we need at least the brief description, the bite-sized site description. What should that be?

  • Decide if this is a fresh start or if we'll be importing any data from SE and, if the latter, what.

Please use other answers to expand on these topics (one per answer, please). Doing this will allow us to use voting to determine where we have consensus.

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Target audience: explorers and experimenters

A vibrant community around cooking will involve a lot of exploration and experimentation -- we're mostly going to be avid amateurs who are doing, or trying to do, great things in our kitchens at home. Sure, if restaurant chefs join us we'll welcome them too, but by sheer numbers they're going to be a small minority. Lots of people cook, and want to do more than the same old stuff they already know how to do. These people are our target audience.

For folks like I'm describing, pure Q&A isn't the sweet spot. We have questions (sometimes many questions), we're happy to answer questions -- but a lot of the time we're going to want to share stuff we've learned, talk about experiments (including failed ones), develop new recipes, talk about those adaptations we made because two months into the pandemic we still can't get bread flour, sesame oil, and plum tomatoes... So, we need a place to share knowledge that's first-class, alongside Q&A. It's kind of a blog, but "blog" might imply something more formal. Call it something like "Cooks' Notebooks". Let everybody share stuff there. When general-interest questions arise from those posts, ask them in Q&A (not in long comment threads). When Q&A inspires you to do something interesting, maybe you'll share it in the Notebooks. The two categories feed each other.

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"The two categories feed each other." Compare: the writing challenges over on Writing (both SE and Codidact) which have sometimes prompted questions being asked on the main site. aCVn 15 days ago

Also, I see what you did there with "feed" in the context of a cooking site... :-) aCVn 15 days ago

I think a place to show off creations would be important as well. I'm not sure if this would be best included in Cook's Notes, or if a separate "Brags" category would be more appropriate. Sigma 15 days ago


Scope Clarification

(this is a question, not an answer)

How broad or focused should this site be? Is it restricted solely to the preparation of food, or are related topics like presentation, nutrition, food history, wine pairings, food sourcing and selection etc. also welcome?

In other words, is this a Cooking community or a Foodies community?

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