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Category RSS feeds should feature a post when an answer is posted


The category RSS feeds (for example are a nice touch for being able to follow what's going on on a site (or in a favorite category) without having to check in manually.

However, there's a discrepancy between the category "activity" tab on the web site and the corresponding RSS feed, which makes the RSS feed rather less useful than it could be:

The RSS feed only reflects newly posted questions, not answers or any other activity on the questions.

I don't suppose there's any chance the category RSS feeds could at least feature also recently-answered posts? Maybe with an associated notice at the top of each entry like "A new question has been posted:" or "A new answer has been posted to this question:" or something like that.

Since the "activity" tab already basically does this, it seems like it should be fairly doable without a major performance impact.

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It's probably relatively easy to program (just a question of sort order), but I wonder, whether such a feed might be confusing some feed readers, which might not recognize, that it's basically the same post (w/ updates). Maybe you have some experience with that? Or anyone else? luap42 18 days ago

@luap42 I haven't checked the RSS/Atom specs, but I'm pretty sure that's what the <entry> <id></id> is for. If it's the same as an already seen ID, it's an update; if it's an unseen one, it's a brand new entry. Alternatively, in case of answers, the ID (<entry> <id></id>) could be set to the answer permalink, with the entry link (<entry> <link></link>) being the question's permalink; that feels like it should make everything happy. aCVn 18 days ago

I'm not saying the RSS feed needs to actually feature the content of the answer per se, in case of new answers; I just want the feed to reflect the fact that something material has happened to the question, and because one is interested enough to follow the RSS feed for the category in the first place, one might want to take another look at the question. New answers being posted seems like one of the most material things that can happen to a question on a Q&A site. aCVn 18 days ago

What do you mean by "feature"? Simply bring that post back to the top? That's easy enough. ArtOfCode 18 days ago

And, while I'm here, what do you mean by an "associated notice"? I'd need to re-read the specs, but I'm pretty sure the Atom spec doesn't provide for that sort of thing, unless you're thinking of just prepending it to the post body/summary. ArtOfCode 18 days ago

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Should be completed with the next deploy - the entry's updated value will now reflect the post's last activity, including any new answers, and the feed should be ordered by activity.

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