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"Last activity" in question lists appears to ignore new answers


Another thing I've noticed on : the question list currently shows the last activity on "2020 - May - Birds" as "last activity 10 days ago by Isaac Moses". It's not clear to me what this activity was*, but certainly I posted an answer 3 days ago and I think that should count as activity.

* If the question list is showing activity on the question post rather than the thread as a whole, that breaks my expectation. But the question post's history doesn't show any activity by Isaac, so it's pure speculation that that might be the cause.

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That issue should have been fixed by a change from Saturday (maybe published to the site later). Unfortunately, it's probably not possible to fix this "retroactively". If you see this again in the future, please open a new bug report. luap42 14 days ago

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See this bug report on Writing meta - this is already fixed; you're just seeing old data now, but it shouldn't continue happening.

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