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Links go to instead of "self"


The Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct links on meta, outdoors and photo are all pointing to the pages on They should always point to "self".

Why should this post be closed?


Or on because they apply to the whole network. (I thought we'd done that, but I guess we only discussed it? Hmm.) Monica Cellio about 2 months ago

(Arghh, something funny - tabbing to post button after writing a nice long comment and it got lost, so I'll try to write again...) The software needs to have the policies either stored in text files read at startup or in the database (and then hosted on "self") or have links stored in text files read at startup or in the database. But definitely needs to be "per community". manassehkatz about 2 months ago

While all of our communities will use the same policies, other instances might use different policies (therefore, don't hardcode the policies or links) and might even use different policies for different communities within an instance (therefore must be per community). (And I figured out my error - comment was too long, so Post button inactive, so Tab + Enter went to a different button, poof lost the whole comment). manassehkatz about 2 months ago

These are waiting for someone to convert them to raw HTML so they can go on If we need to make per-community exceptions, they can be noted in the network-wide terms and referred to the community-specific policy. ArtOfCode about 2 months ago

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