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General Engineering Codidact Website


(This may look like I'm copying and pasting a lot from my previous site proposals... and you're right! This saves a little time.)


Having some sort of website where we could talk about engineering concepts such as design, specifications, quality control, engineering economics, modeling, processes, and applied mathematics and sciences could very beneficial for engineers, hobbyists, students, enthusiasts, and people who wish to know more about the topic.

This website would mimic the idea from the Electrical Engineering StackExchange and Engineering StackExchange (yes, they're different).


Creating a website like this could allow professional help to those who need it with their jobs or for school. This could be an educational opportunity and help provide better infrastructures and environments all over the world with new technologies.


Engineering fields could include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Industrial engineering


In order to prevent engineering topics from colliding with future mathematics and science websites on Codidact, there does need to be an explanation of that separates these topics, i.e. engineering is application of science and mathematics and therefore we should avoid giving lectures on these particular topics of mathematics and sciences when providing questions and answers for this site.

What do you all think? Is this something that would fit the scope for what Codidact has in mind?

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Re "engineering is application of science and mathematics and therefore we should avoid giving lectures on these particular topics of mathematics": mathematicians and engineers probably have different perspectives (and possibly terminology) on areas like control theory, so there may be room for some overlapping scope. Peter Taylor 15 days ago

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I agree that this site should focus on questions about "engineering in general".

As I said here, many interesting technical questions span multiple engineering domains, but nearly always, the important part of the question focuses on one of those domains, with the others simply providing context. I would see this site being used primarily as a feeder for those questions, migrating them[1] to the domain-specific sites once the key domain has been identified.

[1] Is migration even a thing here?

Upon further review, it seems that the only form of migration currently being considered is "change category" within a site, with no ability to migrate among sites on a given server.

Does this mean that in order for my concept to work, we would have to make all of the engineering domains (electronics, mechanical, civil, environmental, aerodynamic, hydraulic, etc.) categories within a general engineering site?

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There likely will be migration between communities at some later time. However, that is one of the less critical features, at least until we have a lot of communities! Yes, different engineering domains could be categories within a general engineering site, but that might be a bit too much in one site. I am not an engineer (well, a Software Engineer, but that's not formal training, just my title du jour) so I don't know whether having them all in one community would work well or not. manassehkatz 3 days ago