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More social media/online communities to link to profile.


As of right now (date of posting), you can only link one website and a Twitter account. I have a few ideas of accounts you can link to your profile here on Codidact:

  • LinkedIn
  • More website slots for blogs, podcasts, etc.
  • Reddit

There could also be some external community profiles for particular types of sites on Codidact. So for instance, if you're on an art site on Codidact, when you view someone's profile, there would be art related external communities that a user could put on their profile:

  • Picture art related sites:

    • DeviantArt
    • Pixiv
    • ArtStation
    • YouTube
  • Music art related site:

    • SoundCloud
    • Bandcamp
    • YouTube
  • Cooking art related site:

    • Pintrest
    • CookingBites
    • DiscussCooking
  • Science related sites:

    • ResearchGate
    • Academia
    • Mendeley
  • Technology and DIY related sites:

    • Arduino Forums
    • Instructables
    • Raspberry Pi Forums
  • Coding related sites:

    • GitHub
    • Stack Overflow (even thought it may be ironic)
  • Religious related sites:

    • Christian Forums
    • Ummah

(Note that the lack of religious forum ideas is not intentional exclusion... Frankly I don't really know any religious forums)

The list may able to go on for different categories but those are just examples of ways people can link their profiles to external communities.

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I agree that this seems like a low-priority feature. It would certainly fall into the category of potentially nice to have, but it's not something that seems like a deal-breaker for anyone. As already said, it's almost as easy to just put the links in your profile text.

That said, I'd like to add one thing here. If/when this gets implemented, let's not fixate on any predefined list of external sites. Let users specify site and profile link as a pair. Ideally with something like autocomplete for the site name, so we don't end up with some people with "linkedin" profiles, some with "Linkedin" profiles, some with "Linked In" profiles, and the odd one out who links to their "Linked Inn" profile.

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I'm [status-deferring] this one. Twitter is there because it was easy to implement, and because I know how the structure works. Linking to other social media is an idea that's been thrown around before, but would take up dev time on something that can be done equally well by just... putting the links in your profile text.

We'll revisit this again after v1.0, when we've got some dev time spare for non-critical features.

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Fair enough! :) KingDuken 12 days ago