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Don't show the option to create a tag unless no existing tags match the search.


When tagging a question, as you type in Tags field its shows the option to create a new tag at the top.

So if there are tags like,

  • Anchovies
  • Anchors
  • Alphabet,

and you type

  • a

a will be the top option for tagging.

To keep people from creating frivolous tags that have to be cleaned up later, can that only show if no existing tags match the search?

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I'm not sure this, as suggested, would be a good idea.

I fully understand what you're getting at, but I think it would have undesirable, and also likely unintended, consequences.

This is a slightly contrived example, but I hope it'll illustrate my point. Writing Codidact has a terminology tag (here, in case you're curious). That's a tag that could probably apply on a number of sites covering a variety of subjects.

Now suppose someone wants to post a question that would appropriately be tagged term (which doesn't happen to exist on Writing specifically, but also isn't completely unreasonable as a tag).

If we implement what you're proposing, the person posting that question won't be able to tag it term simply because a tag named terminology already exists, even though terminology might not apply at all.

There are probably better examples, but my point is: disallowing creation of substring-match named tags can prevent perfectly reasonable tagging.

If anything, it'd probably be better to prompt the user before the question is posted along the lines of "you are about to create a brand new tag a to categorize this question; do you want to do that?".

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