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Please allow specifying license for answers


While one can specify a license when making a question, when writing an answer there doesn't seem to be any place to specify and it just ends up saying "CC BY-SA 4.0" once posted.

While asking a good question can be a lot of work, so can writing a good answer and it'd be nice to be able to specify a license. This may be even more important for technical sites where answers could include code, but I suspect it'd be useful on a lot of sites.

(I'd also like a way to edit a license once something's been posted, but that's probably more complicated, especially if there are multiple editors of the text. It could be a little weird that the original author picking a license ends up selecting the license that any editors of that post are forced to contribute their changes under, though, especially if the editor isn't expecting that.)

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Whoops, I thought we had that. Investigating. Monica Cellio 28 days ago

Just as long as picking the license is kept optional, because most non-lawyers don't have a clue or care about the difference between various licenses. Lundin 28 days ago

@Lundin there's a default license on all posts, which is what you get if you do nothing. Monica Cellio 28 days ago

And I would totally agree that "hiding" it under some "Advanced" link or whatnot could be useful. It may also be nice to link to some help page (either one hosted here or the one at Creative Commons) on what the differences are. Peter Cooper Jr. 28 days ago

We may also want to put some thought in how we show the licensing info for comments. It's a little weird that the license I picked for my post isn't what the comments would be licensed under, and could get real awkward if there's a suggestion posted in a comment, which a post author than adopts, but the license was different from the comment to the post. Yikes letting people specify licenses for content gets complicated quickly, even though it is something I would appreciate being able to do. Peter Cooper Jr. 28 days ago

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I'm... surprised nobody noticed this earlier. I've added the license picker to the answer form now, pending deploy.

Changing a license after a post has been created is [status-declined] for now at least - there's very real chance of creating confusion or legal ambiguity that way, which we'd rather avoid. We might be able to revisit this down the line once we have time to look and design in more detail, but I'm not going to make any promises.


Thank you. And yes, editing licenses definitely opens a can of legal worms. Peter Cooper Jr. 27 days ago

Legal worms... worms in wigs and robes... there's a thought. ArtOfCode 27 days ago

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