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Add keyboard shortcuts to navigate between pages of multipage lists


It would be nice if on pages with several subpages (like the posts page, with the previous/next and page number bar on bottom), there would be a shortcut to go to the previous/next page in the list.

I suggest the keys h and l for this (as they are what vi uses, and the j/k seems to also mimic vi, although their function is reversed). That is, pressing h would be equivalent to choosing the “previous” button, and pressing l would be equivalent to choosing the “next” button.

As a bonus, there could also be shortcuts for the individual pages. The obvious shortcut g p is already taken, but maybe g n for “goto page number”, so that g n 1 goes to page 1 etc.

Alternatively, the shortcuts could be relative. For example, g h 5 would go 5 pages back, and g l 3 would go 3 pages forward. g h 1 would be equivalent to h, g l 1 equivalent to l.

Since going back/forward zero pages makes no sense, the shortcut g h 0 could go to the very first page, and g l 0 to the very last page.

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