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Meta Codidact is missing a favicon.

2 is missing a favicon!

Is it possible to use the meta logo for its favicon?

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IIRC, the original design of what is now the Meta logo included some smaller versions for favicon and similar purposes. However, since also does not have a favicon, there may be an issue with the qpixel software. OTOH, it may be possible for @ArtOfCode to simply put a favicon file in the right place and fix the problem really easily. manassehkatz 4 months ago

It's ACKCHYUALLY "Codidact Meta", not "Meta Codidact". But yes, as long as I have a favicon to use, I can just put it in the right place and it'll work. Lemme see what I can do. ArtOfCode 4 months ago

Looks like this has been resolved. manassehkatz 3 months ago

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