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Need a better way of finding unanswered questions


As of right now, the only real way to see that a question has no answers is to go off the answer count, which is small and not real easy to see.

On Outdoors where I am not interested in writing answers to the imported questions because I already either answered them or decided not to, this is especially important.

There are a couple of things that could improve this in my opinion

  • Increase the size of the answer count.
  • Have an Unanswered tab.
  • Different background color for unanswered questions.

Right now its kind or hard to find questions to answer.

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Update: This has been completed and looks like this:

I'd suggest the following solution:

  • If a question has answers (answered), we apply the classes h-bg-green-700 h-p-h-1 h-c-white to .answer-count (causes a green box):
  • If it is unanswered, we apply the classes h-c-red-800 (causes a red font color).

It looks like this:

We can also reverse this:

  • If a question has answers (answered), we apply the classes h-c-green-700 to .answer-count (causes a green font color):
  • If it is unanswered, we apply the classes h-bg-red-800 h-p-h-1 h-c-white (causes a red box).

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I would prefer the second option Charlie Brumbaugh 23 days ago

I think the second, too. People coming from SE might interpret a green box as "has accepted answer, no need for me to go there to help", which actually we don't know anything about that answer (and we don't have "acceptance" here). Monica Cellio 23 days ago