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Initial revision by user avatar manassehkatz · 2020-02-12T05:21:07Z (5 months ago)
* SE moderators as automatic "pro-tem" moderators.

**Absolutely**. While the specifics will be different, particularly the available tools, the principles of moderation will be largely the same here as on SE.

* High-rep Users

When there are no (or not enough) SE moderators willing to be moderators in Codidact, the next best thing is to choose high-rep users from the SE site. For example, I have > 22k rep on DIY SE and, more importantly, I am # 17 all-time and # 4 for 2019 (lower this year because I have deliberately cut back my participation on SE). I have no moderation experience but I know the community. (Of course, DIY may not be interested in moving, but that's a separate issue.)

* Moderators from other Communities

The last choice would be moderators from other communities who are willing to help. That will probably work best when the subject matter is similar or related (e.g., Writing to Worldbuilding or Superuser to Unix & Linux).