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Initial revision by user avatar Monica Cellio · 2020-04-24T19:48:37Z (2 months ago)
**Speculative Science**

The scope of Worldbuilding.SE is very broad, ranging from hard-science questions about orbital mechanics to questions about the design of magical creatures. Some users from there have been discussing a more science-focused community here. It's still about *worldbuilding*, in the sense that questions are about things that don't necessarily exist in our world, but it'd focus more on science than pure imagination in its speculative questions.

This community would need data import that's more expressive than what's been done on Writing and Outdoors -- specific tags, but also *excluding* specific tags -- so a question that is tagged both "biology" and "magic" would be excluded. The community might want to do a later round of data import if that's feasible -- so, start with high-value tags and then see what else to pull in.

This community would probably use categories to create a sandbox, once categories are available. A blog or wiki is also possible.