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Initial revision by user avatar Peter Cooper Jr. · 2020-05-12T14:44:59Z (about 2 months ago)
It's a little awkward using a Q&A engine for site proposals at all, really, at least not without some more guidance, as not only the tagging is unclear, but what exactly goes in the "questions" and what goes in the "answers" needs some direction and refinement, and what is required before a site gets "accepted".

But for tagging specifically (let's solve one problem at a time, I suppose), I like your suggestion to have a required status-* tag for everything.

Here's a rough list off the top of my head, please pick it apart and take only what makes sense:

* status-proposed
* status-shortlist or status-refinement or something. (Not sure what to call this, but when it's "yeah, that's a good idea, and will probably get implemented, we just need to nail down some specifics like on-topic scope, what if anything to import, who is moderating, that kind of thing.")
* status-needs-to-find-more-users
* status-declined
* status-accepted (Yes we will, we just haven't yet)
* status-beta (maybe not needed right now as everything is beta-ish, but we may want to distinguish at some point between beta sites and "completed" sites?)
* status-completed

In terms of other tagging, we might want to also group proposals by type in some other way, like technical, recreation, science, etc.