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Initial revision by user avatar Monica Cellio · 2020-05-15T13:18:59Z (about 2 months ago)
Please report bugs on Meta or [GitHub](, whichever you prefer. We monitor both. (The GitHub link points to the QPixel repository, the software we're currently running. When we switch to the C# implementation we'll need to come back and update this link. I'm saying this here in case we forgot and you're reading this three years from now thinking "what's QPixel?".)

The forum's focus is on the open-source project that produces the software and sites you see here on Forum discussions tend to be about broader or long-term issues, architecture, logistical/administrative issues like funding, and so on. If you're here to *use* Codidact sites, you can safely ignore the forum and bring your bug reports, requests, and suggestions here.