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Is there a privacy policy for Codidact?


Is there a privacy policy for Codidact?

As I'm a resident within the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation pretty much dictates how websites have to present their activities around privacy for me.

I did view the cookies for Codidact and it seems that there only are necessary ones for the time being, however even though there are neither third-party cookies nor other activities around collecting my data beyond the necessary parts, it's even recommended to state that you do nothing more than that.

Provide clear information about your data processing [...]. You need to tell people that you're collecting their data and why [...]. You should explain how the data is processed, who has access to it, and how you're keeping it safe. [...]1

I for my part read privacy policies and would like to know what's happening with the data I provide. Is it possible to add a (minimal) privacy policy to explain how data is handled on this site?

If there already is a privacy policy, I didn't find it in the footer or the help center where I would expect to find it.

Further reading concerning cookies:


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There used to be a link in the footer to the privacy policy - not entirely sure what happened to that, but it seems it got swept away in an update somewhere.

We do have a privacy policy, available here. I'll get a link back in the footer when I can, too.

The TL;DR is that:

  • We only use your data when necessary
  • We use a self-hosted solution for analytics so your data doesn't leave our servers
  • We will be open and transparent about how we're using your data


That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the link! It might be sensible to add a paragraph for user generated content which links to the Terms of Service and to note that user generated data also is not subject to being sold in any way (which I think is the case?). Zerotime 23 days ago

@Zerotime User content is out of scope for a privacy policy because it's not personal or identifying data. The privacy policy only forms part of the legal stuff; if folks want to know how everything is used, including user content, they need to read the ToS as well. ArtOfCode 23 days ago