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Preview keeps jumping up and down


In the last day or so, the preview when writing a post keeps jumping up and down. Even just typing a few characters causes this over the next few seconds.

I think I see what's going on. Whenever you make a change, something saves the new version as a draft after a short timeout. So far so good. The problem seems to be that an extra line "Draft saved" is added to the page right below the edit window. This causes everything below it, including the preview, to jump up and down as "Draft saved" is added, then removed:


Image alt text

This is admittedly not high priority, but it is an annoyance that should eventually be fixed.

Why should this post be closed?


The space for that message should be permanently allocated in the layout. Dave Tweed 15 days ago

@Dave: Or eliminated altogether. I'm not sure what it's telling me that I really need to be so urgently aware of. OK, so save a draft, but stop bothering me about it every time you do. I'm unlikely to rely on the system saving drafts anyway. If the message has to be there, then permanent with perhaps "Draft last saved at xx:xx", or something. Olin Lathrop 15 days ago

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