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First image file name entry line doesn't work


When you click on the Image alt text icon to insert an image into a post, you get the popup

Image alt text

However, there is no way to type the image name there. The cursor isn't put onto the file name entry line, and just typing does nothing. Clicking on the entry line brings up a whole new window:

Image alt text

In that one you can type the file name.

Either way, the first file name entry line is unusable. It should be either gotten rid of entirely, or be made to work.

I'd prefer the cursor to be pre-set on the first file name entry line, and have it work. That way I can just type the file name without a bunch of extra clicking.

By the way, what's the shortcut key for the Image alt text icon? The whole process would be much more streamlined if the mouse weren't needed at all. Hovering over the icon only reveals "Insert image".

This is low priority, but it should go on a list somewhere to eventually address.

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That field is a HTML file input field (<input type="file" />). How it renders, beyond very basic styling, is entirely down to your browser, and not something web developers have any control over. Making it possible to type in the file path that you want and have it inserted there is... well, not possible - in theory we could replace it with a custom file field that allows more control, but... that has major downsides like not working at all without JS support, and even if we did that, browser JS doesn't have access to your filesystem so couldn't get the correct file.

So - sorry to disappoint, but [status-declined] to this one on the grounds that it's almost impossible. I will, however, add another voice to those asking for keyboard shortcuts in the post editor - that one's definitely possible.


OK, thanks for the explanation. Olin Lathrop 24 days ago

JS doesn't have access to your filesystem so couldn't get the correct file - That is the key. Been there, done that, no easy fix across all browsers. manassehkatz 24 days ago

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