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Permalinks should be HTTPS


Each post on Codidact has a "permalink" link under it, which points back to the post.

The general format seems to be http://<site><type>/<id>/<id> where the first ID is the top-level post's ID, and the second ID is the follow-up (answer) post's ID. For question and article posts (as currently opposed to answers), only the first ID field is used; the second is left out, since there's no follow-up post to reference.

Fine so far.

However, the world is moving more and more toward HTTPS rather than HTTP, even for relatively "mundane" content.

I don't see why Codidact shouldn't prefer HTTPS.

Can the permalinks please use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

Why should this post be closed?


Likewise, [status-norepro] - permalinks are HTTPS for me. Sure you're loading pages over HTTPS not plain HTTP? ArtOfCode 17 days ago

@ArtOfCode Yes, I'm quite sure I was. I can't seem to reproduce this either myself now. Weird. aCVn 17 days ago

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