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Not getting pinged


I noticed that I have been getting pinged for comments and answers to my questions only, but I'm not getting pinged if someone does "@Dani" on a different users' question/answer, for example here.
Here is a picture of my inbox, which only has comments/answers to my questions

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Are you the one true Dani?

There were three other users named Dani who were imported from SE. Since the software picks the first when sending ping notifications, you didn't get them. Since they're all imported users rather than real people, I've taken the liberty of renaming them Dani1, Dani2, and Dani3. You'll get the pings now!

Comments are due for an overhaul anyway, including the pinging system, so this should tide us over until that happens.


@Dani Presumed to be the true Dani - Dani lekaf zechus (@ArtOfCode That's a Hebrew pun) manassehkatz 16 days ago

Thanks, it appears to be working. Dani 16 days ago

@manassehkatz +1 :) Dani 16 days ago

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