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What help pages need to be written?


I've been working on the user help center recently - writing new help pages and improving old ones. You can see the latest changes and suggestions - even the ones that haven't been deployed to the site yet - over on GitHub.

Of course, though, I'm not going to be able to come up with everything - there will be things that need help pages that I'm not going to think of on my own. With that in mind... what help center topics would you like to see?

Feel free to leave suggestions in the answers below; I'll look through the responses and see what I can do (and I'll be updating the to-do list).

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As I write this answer to say that there's nothing I can think of, I see there's an option for me to pick the license I want to use for this post.

Aside from the fact that the category and site defaults are CC BY-SA 4.0, I'm not really sure what these licenses are effectively for or what the actual differences are, so I would find it useful (or at least, interesting) to have a brief, simplified explanation of the differences and when/why you would use one over the other.



Just to formalize something that's in the works, but which I'd like feedback on: a help center page on LaTeX would be useful. It doesn't have to be (and probably shouldn't be) deployed to all sites, because most won't need to have MathJax enabled, but it would be nice to have a basic page that sites can add to their help center if need be. I wrote up an addendum to Scientific Speculation's help center page on formatting discussing basic LaTeX usage, and I'm working on expanding that to make it more detailed.

I imagine that individual sites could customize it. For instance, if there's a site about Chemistry and if they decide to enable the mhchem package, they could add in a subsection about writing formulas. If the Electrical Engineering site wanted to make it easier for folks to write circuit diagrams using tikz (though of course there are other ways to do that), they could add in a section about tikz.

Bottom line: It would be good to have a basic page sites can choose to include and customize if they want.


I would even like to suggest that we should have something similar to here. That's a hugely useful reference not just for Mathjax but for LaTeX in general. aCVn about 1 month ago

@aCVn I agree - I referenced that a couple of times for posts on Stack Exchange. HDE 226868 about 1 month ago


A page on how pinging in comments works would be helpful.

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ArtOfCode mentioned that comments are going to be overhauled, so something would probably be written when that happens Dani about 1 month ago

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